For those who work a long time sitting, using the computer, the ergonomics tips are of fundamental importance to avoid the problems in the spine. Observing the height and size of the table and chair, getting support for the arms and feet, adjusting the seat backrest, the distance and the height of the monitor to your size are key points. Next, you will see all these questions in a detailed and illustrated way, also remembering the importance of getting up and leaving the work position several times throughout the journey.

A good tip for those who wear progressive lenses is to leave the computer monitor slightly lower than the eye line, unlike how it is usually placed. Without knowing this, the people who use these lenses make a posterior rotation of the head so that they can see better, which causes discomfort in the cervical region due to the reduction of the space between the head and the neck.

1) Using the computer

Wrong: Avoid this position as the entire weight of the body will fall on the lumbar spine. In this position, your neck will be overloaded, and you may have pain in the upper shoulders. The regular chair prevents you from maintaining a posture.

Wrong: In this position your knees are too bent, preventing healthy circulation of the legs. The knees should make a 90-degree angle. The fixed chair prevents you from holding a posture. The chair should have casters, height adjustment, backrest adjustment and support for the elbows. In this case, you may experience numbness in the fingers of the hand as the handle is being pressed by the edge of the table.

2) Position of the computer for those who wear bifocal lenses


Wrong: Avoid turning your head up as this movement causes tension and pain in the neck area.

Right: Place the monitor slightly below the line of the eyes so that the head does not turn upwards since it is the bottom of the lenses containing the ideal degree for reading.

3) Correcting the posture


 - Keep your heels on the floor ora support ramp. The knees should be at a 90-degree angle or slightly higher than the hip.
- Find a goodoffice chair for the workplace.
- Always keep your elbows supported. If your chair does not have adjustable arms, keep them on the table.
- The cuffs should also be supported on a comfortable piece.
- The back of the chair should always be in contact with the lower back.
- Keep your hip close to the back of the chair.
Keep your eyes on the horizon. If you use progressive lenses, the monitor should stay a little lower to avoid neck extension (face looking up).

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The Value Of Giving

I was contemplating the truth in something that I once told my wife… that the true value of a gift is determined by the one who receives it. Since that time I have come to believe that not only does the receiver determine the value of a gift, he or she decides if what was given – is even a gift.

Remembering a time when I was watching one of those popular funniest video shows… There was an expectant mother who was breaking the news of her impending pregnancy to both her mother and her young daughter. The grandmother went wild with excitement.. while the daughter – well, she just went wild. She screamed, I DON’T WANT A BABY BROTHER!” Viewers went back and forth with the grandmother’s delight – and the child’s horror of discovering she would no longer be an only child! The grandmother felt that she had been truly gifted whereas the young girl did not.

I am always thinking of gift ideas for my wife, which is not an easy task because her wants are few and her needs are simple. She is the kind of woman who if I happened to show up with a diamond bracelet would thank me warmly and appreciate my thoughtfulness but who would have been happier if I had brought her a McCoy, which she collects.

Awhile back, she took the grandkids and made the rounds of several garage sales in the area. She managed to buy all three girls an outfit and a couple of other goodies for just three dollars. I happened to call her at the end of this excursion and you would have thought she had won the lottery. She was all excited over her yard sale bargains and I could hear her smile over the phone.

The kids would tell you that they had received a gift. My wife would tell you she had received a gift, but I would say it was me who received the gift when I saw the real joy and happiness in someone who lights up my world with her smile.

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The Sweet Smell Of Forgiveness

There is a German folk tale about Baron von Munchausen… he was out hunting one day and as he stalked his prey, he fell into a bog. He was so desperate to get out that he tried to pull himself out by his own beard! To his situation he managed only to add more pain.

This might be a laughable predicament if it didn’t parallel so closely the way many people respond after they have been hurt, slighted, humiliated or wronged in some way by another. Whenever we choose to hold a grudge, we nurture the pain and cause negativity to grow inside of us. This is literally adding injury to insult – or injury to injury as the case may be. It is not much different from the way Baron von Munchausen tried to remedy his situation. When you hold a grudge, you add negativity to negativity and you get … more negativity.

A better choice is not necessarily the easiest but unless you’re a fan of the Munchausen method or believe that negative plus negative equals positive then it may be necessary to forsake easy for wise; wise being the choice of forgiveness.

Let me relate the story of an Indian chief who, in addition to being wise and insightful, was a heck of a brawler. He had humbled many a young warrior who thought he was tough, making this Chief both respected and feared.

One day the Chief returned to his lodge and found his wife in bed with a young man of the village. The Chief told them to get dressed and leave. News of this indiscretion was soon all over the village and everyone feared for the young man because the Chief had killed men for less.

At the end of the day the Chief called his wife and the young man to a council of the people. Everyone thought “the Chief is going to make an example of the young man by beating him in front of us all” and “this is going to be very bad for both the woman and the young man”. People urged the young man to leave the village and never come back. The young man felt remorse for what he had done and said, “I will not run away. I can’t outrun my actions and I will accept the consequences, whatever they are.”

At the council the Chief asked his wife and the young man to come forward. As the people held their breath he asked his wife, “Do you love this young man?”
She looked nervously at the ground. “Yes.”
He asked the same question of the young man who, after swallowing the knot in his throat said, “I am ashamed of what I have done but I cannot deny what I feel for this woman.”
The Chief answered, “Then the two of you go and be happy,” and he went off toward his lodge. People stood in disbelief. Later, some from the village went to the Chief’s lodge and asked him why he had acted in this way. The Chief said simply, “Because I remember what it is to be young and in love.”

Not only did the Chief overlook the young man’s indiscretion and his wife’s betrayal, he forgave them both of these things – then he blessed them.

True forgiveness is a blessing to the receiver, the one who gives it and to everyone else because forgiveness is healing and comes from a place of love and positivity.

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